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Neighborhood Café, Lee’s Summit, will donate proceeds to three local organizations

When Neighborhood Café opened a decade ago, owner Tony Olson made a commitment that giving back to the community would be a constant goal of the restaurant.

Now, ten years later, Neighborhood Café is still making good on its promise. As the restaurant celebrates 10 years in downtown Lee’s Summit, Olson and his crew are dedicating 10 straight days of giving to local nonprofits, particularly those that are helping food insecure individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From March 5-14, Neighborhood Café will donate 100 percent of its proceeds from every order of biscuits and gravy to Lee’s Summit Social Services, Coldwater of Lee’s Summit and Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

Lee’s Summit Social Services and Coldwater both offer weekly grocery programs and financial assistance to families in need, particularly vital as families and individuals continue to struggle with COVID-related job losses and loss of income. Hillcrest provides 90-day housing and budget/counseling assistance to families who are working to get their financial and personal situations back on track.

“We have had a wonderful 10-year run in downtown Lee’s Summit and we also strive to give back as often as we can. For me, that is what it means to do business in a community like this,” Neighborhood Café owner Tony Olson said. “These nonprofit organizations in Lee’s Summit are there every week, every day honestly, for those that find themselves in need of groceries, utility assistance or housing as they work to better their families. The least we can do is also be there for them.”

Neighborhood Café’s “Decade of Dedication” celebration kicks off at 6 a.m., Friday, March 5. Every full or partial order of biscuits and gravy will be tallied and donated back to the three local nonprofits after the conclusion of event on March 14.

“Over the years, Neighborhood Café has been there for our organization in a number of ways,” Lee’s Summit Social Services Executive Director Matt Sanning said. “Something so special about Lee’s Summit is that we have businesses like them that we can constantly count on. They’re an icon in downtown Lee’s Summit and their longevity speaks directly to their positive business impact in our community.”

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