IT Coalition, Inc. (ITC), a global Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), is pursuing a contract with the federal government in order to expand its business to Lee’s Summit. Currently, the National Benefits Center (NBC) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) is soliciting proposals for a major contractor to support its mission in its Lee’s Summit facility.

ITC was founded in 2006 and is owned by former Federal Executive Consultant, Greg Fitzgerald; former Department of Justice Civil Servant, Tom Davis; and Marine Corps veteran, Greg Jones, who still serves in the Marine Corps reserves. The company specializes in Business Process Outsourcing, IT infrastructure, cyber security, application development, and financial services for the federal government. ITC has 1,100 employees worldwide. Even though ITC’s Headquarters are in Northern Virginia, the majority of its workforce is located outside of the Washington DC metro area. ITC President Greg Fitzgerald, said the company operates in more than 30 states, including Missouri and Kansas.

“We’ve been nationwide since we started the company. Our workforce is geographically distributed across the U.S. We designed our company, infrastructure, and benefits to support employees nationwide and to serve local communities like Lee’s Summit,” said Fitzgerald.

The company has vast experience with the federal government and manages more than 25 prime contracts today. Of significant importance, ITC currently manages two mission-critical USCIS Service Centers in Nebraska and Texas. Additionally, ITC has two other prime contracts at USCIS providing Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) and Software Development Support. ITC is committed to supporting the USCIS mission with more than 700 employees currently supporting USCIS customers.

If the company is awarded the NBC contract for Lee’s Summit, ITC would hire at least 700 employees to fulfill its mission, with the goal of eventually doubling that number. Those workers would be headquartered at the physical NBC facilities, but ITC said COVID has revealed an opportunity to expand the workforce talent pool for its other clients. Due to remote work, Fitzgerald said ITC can look for employees from a more diverse set of geographical locations and Lee’s Summit offers an ideal workforce to serve ITC clients across the country.

“The kind of work that NBC does and the kind of people that NBC employs matches up really well with the kind of work that we do, but Lee’s Summit’s also a huge benefit for us because it has a tremendous talent pool for both professional and technical talent,” said Fitzgerald. “We want to be a fantastic employer for NBC and we want to be able to help grow and help mature the workforce that exists there, but we’re also interested in the more technical-oriented workforce that exists in Lee’s Summit because it complements the rest of ITC’s portfolio of work.”

Lee’s Summit boasts a highly-educated workforce. According to a 2018 study commissioned by the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council 44% of Lee’s Summit residents over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The same study found that professional, scientific, and technical services was the industry expected to have the most growth in the city by 2022.

“We understand that one of the objectives of Lee’s Summit is to become somewhat of a tech hub and we know that there’s a lot of capabilities and skill sets in the local area. Our goal is to win NBC and create a career path for people that are in Missouri and Kansas. This contract offers people the opportunity to support an important mission, obtain a [government] clearance, and learn new skills and experience. We want to be able to offer career opportunities both at NBC and within our other contracts and our diverse and broad portfolio of work allows us to do just that” said Geoff Crowe, Vice President of New Business for ITC.

In anticipation of the NBC contract and with interest of becoming a major employer in Lee’s Summit, ITC is deepening its roots in Lee’s Summit. In December, ITC joined the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council.

“We recognize that this Council adds tremendous value to the local Lee’s Summit community and is instrumental in helping it be one of the best places to work and live,” said Fitzgerald.

LSEDC President & CEO Rick McDowell said he is looking forward to collaborating with IT Coalition.

“ITC has the technical and business acumen to create business services and information technology opportunities for our workforce,” said McDowell.

ITC is not waiting on the contract to be awarded to get to work. The company has created a webpage dedicated to NBC, where people can sign up for more information related to the contract with USCIS. That website is:

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