The University of Central Missouri is joining forces with Kincaid IT to present relevant, online courses designed to help educators get the most from instructional technology while enhancing virtual classrooms. The professional development classes include an option for one graduate-level professional development credit hour from UCM. The classes are listed at this webpage.

Ten courses will be offered on this schedule during 2021 and 2022: May 2 through Aug. 1, Aug. 2 through Dec. 1 and Dec. 2 through May 1. Instructor for the courses is Dr. Julie Jensen, Kincaid IT learning and innovation manager. The following courses are presented in a convenient virtual learning environment with adult learners completing classes at their own pace.

  • Wrap Your Head Around Research, providing educators with tools and resources needed to help students perform reliable, independent research.
  • Stack Your Skills: Schoology Essentials, designed for beginning learners to help them build a foundational Schoology skill set.
  • Smart Gmail: Getting Started with Gmail, a course to help educators improve their email organization and communication.
  • Google Starter Pack: Getting Started with Google Workspace, offering students the opportunity to learn the basics of G Suite and how to better understand working in the cloud.
  • Google Level 1 Academy, made for educators who are proficient in G Suite tools who want to take the Google Educator Level 1 Certification exam.
  • Google Level 2 Academy, designed for educators who have already attained their Google Educator Level 1 certification.
  • Google Classroom in 5, including Google Classroom, Teacher View, Student View, Grading Basics and Make It Work.
  • Chromebook Scavenger Hunt, featuring an exploration of Google Chromebook.
  • Beyond the Red Pen: Providing Meaningful Feedback, helping teachers learn to offer feedback students can use.
  • Beyond the Brick and Mortar, designed to teach educators how to move beyond the traditional learning environment and into a digital, blended space.

Kincaid Information Technology specializes in assisting educators with their technological challenges through professional development, technical services and consulting.

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