The University of Central Missouri is joining local and international partners to present a Kenya-based conference focusing on multi-level governance for climate action May 3-6. Collaborating with the university are Summit Technology Academy’s International Studies program, the government of Makueni County-Kenya and Global Classroom Exchange.

The seventh annual Devolution Conference will be held at the Makueni Boys’ High School in Makueni County, Kenya. Among the conference’s audience will be the president of Kenya and all the Kenya governors. In addition to helping present the conference, UCM will be among event exhibitors.

The major goal of this event is to strengthen sub-national governments to act on climate change and develop stronger mitigation capacities. To participate in the conference as a delegate or exhibitor, visit this webpage.

UCM’s role in this international event is part of the university’s partnership with the Government of Makueni County-Kenya, a member of the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB), and Global Classroom Exchange (GCE) to enhance international workforce development and education opportunities. The partnership officially launched at a Jan. 8, 2021, virtual signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding. To learn more about UCM’s international effort, visit this webpage.

Through the partnership, UCM Extended Studies and the university’s Kenyan peers are leveraging technology to foster global collaboration in resolving local challenges. These organizations are working together to develop real-world sustainable solutions for students and adults. Students from Kenya and the United States are also gaining hands-on experiences in areas such as Internet of Things, virtual reality, telehealth and entrepreneurship while working on industry-recognized certifications and accelerated degree programs.

Business, individuals and organizations also have the opportunity to collaborate on the project, which is actively seeking partners to help with solutions. For more information, contact Joe Mullins, Dr. Laurel Hogue Dr. Brad MacLaughlin.

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