SCA Student Voting

The SCA STEWARDS class recently led the elementary school in voting registration, voter identification, voting, and delivery- providing hands-on learning for their fellow elementary students. Pictured here, SCA first grade student Burke Sanko shows a sample ballot and voting booth.

Summit Christian Academy elementary students hit the polls to learn about election process

Summit Christian Academy elementary students recently learned first-hand the entire voting and election process.

Kindergarten through sixth grade students registered to vote and on Monday, November 2, headed to the polls to cast their ballot for their favorite themed dress day to take place on November 17. Each student participated in registration, voter identification, voting, and delivery to the ballot box.

The polling booth was organized and led by SCA’s Student Environment of Arduous Study (STEWARDS) third through sixth grade students, who spent much time in advance learning and preparing for the civic process event.

The STEWARDS class provided nominations for the ballot and voted on the final ballot to be proposed to the student body. Students stayed after school to prepare election flyers and film a TV ad to inform voters about the ballots. STEWARDS students were each assigned stations to work as an “election official” and each class had a scheduled time to visit the polls and cast their ballots. Absentee ballots were even created so that students that were away from school traveling, in quarantine or weren’t able to vote in person, could cast their vote! Ballots were recorded, placed in the box, and tallied.

The final result was a total of 341 ballots cast and tallied, and the popular vote declared that the students will receive a Pajama Day later this month (receiving 174 votes). 

STEWARDS is a program from SCA for students who demonstrate academic giftedness to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation can best be served by environment beyond typical grade-level curriculum.

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